"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
Here is a link to our Back-Up Site. Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, a Clan Official, made it using Webs. And here is our Back-Up, Back-Up Site that I made a while back.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Announcement XLVIII

   So, we have recruited a few members lately, and Grim Facts Productions has made us a new banner for the ShadowScythe Elites Page on the Battleon Forums. Furthermore, I have updated the Forum Page by removing some content, making it look nicer, and adding the new Clan Siggys I made!





   In addition, the Clan's Main Server in AQW is Artix. That is where we want to be playing in when we are online, simply so we can find each other and meet with ease. Also, the clan meeting place is /house Jont2. It will serve as our main base of operations and HQ until further notice. Whenever a clan meeting is called, it will be held there unless I say otherwise. We will also have a meeting THIS SATURDAY (5/6/13) AT THE MEETING PLACE AND SERVER AT 4:30 SERVER TIME!!!


   Finally, it seems like the Featured Elite of the Month Poll seems to be bugged and not show up on my computer. Also, no one has been voting much so I've decided to shut it down until further notice.

- Lord Thanatos

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Announcement XLVII

   So so far I have updated the Clan Application with a few minor adjustments and lowered the level requirement to 40. So that means hopefully more players will come and join.

   I have been working on creating a Clan Chatr Room to go along with the Clan Forum for the purpose of chat without in-game lag or intrusions. I have a few candidates for host websites, but I am taking suggestions from YOU! Just PM me the chat room hosting website and I will set up a chat Room. DO NOT MAKE THE CHAT ROOM JUST TELL ME THE SITE OF THE CHAT ROOM HOSTER!

   Also, LSS's Dueling Society has fallen D:, but he wasted no time getting back on his feet and revived the Legendary Legion! We have also struck an alliance, as I did with The Dueling Society.

   In addition, I have big news. I am planning on opening an OverSoul Branch of the SSE! Until clans are implemented in OverSoul the SSE will remain unofficial there. I hope that we can recruit warriors for the ShadowScythe in both the world of Lore and OverSoul, and their AQW/OverSoul counterparts. This idea is still a work in progress, and suggestions are welcome.

How to Join:

To join this clan, you must have an AQ Worlds character that is Level 40 or above, and a BattleOn Forum Account OR a valid E-Mail Address. Membership with any other AQW clan/organization is considered treason, unless I approve of it. My E-Mail Address is ShadowScytheElites@Aol.com and my BattleOn Forum Username is Lord Thanatos. Copy and paste this information and PM it to Lord Thanatos on the Fourms or E-Mail it to ShadowScytheElites@aol.com. It is prefered that you put your application on to this forum page so I or other Clan Officers can get to you quickly.

1. AQW Character Name:  
2. Character Level (40+):  
3. BattleOn Forum Username/Email:
4. What You Can Contribute to the Clan's Cause:  
5. What You Hope to Gain from Joining the Clan:  
6. Continent You Live In:
7. How You Heard About Us:  
8. Noteworthy Details:

- Lord Thanatos
   Finally, I have added a Clan Highlights portion to the Forum Page. The Spartacus Tournament is basically our own SSE PvP Tournament. I haven't quite figured out how it is gonna work, but I have high hopes for it.

Clan Highlights:

- Fellow Elites: We have active, fun loving members who would love to help you with a boss battle or other quests
- Spartacus Tournament: A clan-exclusive 1v1 tournament--"One shall stand, and one shall fall"
- SSE PvP Team: A group of fighters that specialize in combat, especially in wars with other clans and always have lots of fun doing so
- Clan Forums: Our clan forums features many vibrant, active threads that inlude SSE General Discussion, SSE Guides, SSE Suggestions, and more
- The rest you will have to join and find out for yourself! 

- Lord Thanatos 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Announcement XLVI

  Well, I know it's been a while, but I am back! I was caught up in learning programming computers (:D), and I have begun working on C and am progressing rapidly! :D But back to the point. I have improved the Clan Forum Page and redone the Clan Ranks, which is called the Clan Hierarchy in the Forum Page. Also, I have added a section called Clan Lore. It basically shows the origins of the clan. Finally, I have made a new clan banner. I have also added a Allied Clans and an Enemy Clans section to the Forum Page. Here are the updated sections.


- Dark Lord of the ShadowScythe Elites: This title is MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!! Also the equivalent of "Leader" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Undead Warlord of the Elites: A higher ranked Champion of the Elites who has the ability to handle inter-clan relations and dealing with issues within the clan itself. With my approval, of course.
- Champion of the Elites: The equivalent of "Officer" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Knight of the Elites: The equivalent of "Member" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Undead Squire: The equivalent of "Duffer" in the AQW Guild Panel

Clan Lore:

Many years ago when the war of Swordhaven and Shadowfall was raging, in a small village near ShadowFall lived a young boy, no more than 20, named Kane. He was only a small farmer from a peasant family, but no one new of his dark future. When his village was attacked by a horde of barbarians, it was then when he realized his full potential and accidentally unleashed dark magic throughout the forest, slaughtering all the barbarians. Shocked by what he had done, the villagers exiled Kane from the village forever. Kane lived alone in exile until he found of the Necropolis and enrolled into Necro U. He quickly gained power and became more powerful than almost everyone in his time. Kane was expelled in less than a year due to starting many fights, his monstrous creations wreaking havoc, and his constant getting in to trouble everywhere. He later joined the ShadowScythe Army as a DoomSquire, but he had almost no experience in melee combat. His skills in the dark arts proved invaluable in the battlefield, but he was eventually defeated and slaughtered by some Pactagonal Knights. His killers felt that he was not worthy to have the sacred rights and be buried so he can move on to the afterlife. Instead, Kane's soul was chained to the earth, forever wandering, until by unknown means he created a necrotic body which he latched his soul onto, reentering the mortal world. He then went from there and evolved to new, stronger, and better forms of himself, and he with the change of his physical self, he renamed himself Thanatos. He then began recruiting followers while making his way back to ShadowFall to reclaim his rightful place. When he finally reached ShadowFall, he was gladly admitted into the Empire by Empress Gravelyn. Henceforth he became known as Lord Thanatos and his group of followers later became the ShadowScythe Elites.

Allied Clans:

- The Absolute Shadow Minds
- The Akatsuki  
- The Death Legion  
- The Defenders of the Scythe
- The Dueling Society
- The Knights of Azariel
- The Knights of Oblivion

Enemy Clans:


Also, congratuations to Khyara, who is the winner of the March Featured Elite of the Month. I will start the April one now.

Lastly, Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5 has been enjoying Yu-Gi-Oh very much lately and has decided to resign from the SSE once again and take another stab at leading a clan. I have made an alliance with his clan, and I look forward to many prosperous years to come.

- Lord Thanatos

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Announcement XLV

   Well, StellaLuna has officially parted with the ShadowScythe Elites and has found her way to EbilCorp. But we have talked, and she has deleted the forum she made, and I recreated it with the same URL, but I am in full control as site owner. This is the link. Although I just made it today, it is turning out quite nicely. I hope that all clan members that can would sign up for it as it is free and open to anyone. I have set up some basic topics and categories to start, and as people begin to use them, they should grow with the clan.

- Lord Thanatos

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Announcement XLIV


   With the reconstruction of the guild progressing as planned, the future of the ShadowScythe Elites is promising. We now have 20/30 members possible, the newest being Final Fantasy (Forum Name). Her AQW name is Tifa Lockhearth. Another recent member is Bvbfhgf, who was referred to us by my classmate Grish8.

   In other news, Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5 is the winner of the "Featured Elite of the Month"(FEotM)! Everyone be sure offer him some congratulations! Even though it's a few days late, the March Featured Elite Poll of the Month starts today! But due to some issues with February's Featured Elite of the Month, the Clan Officials will not be eligible to participate, as they have requested as well.

   Furthermore, Misty Kitty (on BattleOn Forums) or StellaLuna22 (in AQW) has created the new official clan forums! It will remain as the official clan forum until further notice.

But as a notice to everyone, please do not make websites/forums/media for the clan. If you wish to do so, contact me via PM/E-Mail and I will do so. I may allow you to do so, but only with my approval. The reason is that I, as clan leader, need the power of the site owner so I can fix all typos and other small details that other clan members would not be as so careful about. Having perfection in small places like that demonstrates the clan in a more eloquent way.

- Lord Thanatos

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Announcement XLIII

   As you may have noticed, I have updated the Members List. I currently only have the members who are currently registered on the in-game guild. I also do understand that there has been some confusion over the new ranks. Here is a guide to the ranks that can also be found on the Clan Forum Page.

- Lord of the Elites: This title is MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!! Also the equivalent of "Leader" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Clan Official: A higher ranked Clan Warlord who has the ability to handle inter-clan relations and dealing with issues within the clan itself. With my approval, of course.
- Clan Warlord: The equivalent of "Officer" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Elite Undead: The equivalent of "Member" in the AQW Guild Panel

   In addition, all the ShadowCoins I have previously issued have been stored in "The Dark Vault" due to the fact that the ShadowCoin is becoming worthless. The ShadowCoin Shop is also being closed until further notice.

  Finally, an idea contributed by one of our Clan Officials, Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, will be implemented. The idea was to have a "Featured Elite of the Month," where each month a member of the guild would be given the award until next month, unless you win it again the next month. Deciding who should be given the award, however, proved to be difficult. Yesterday, I had a "Clan Development Session" with LSS, Khyara, Tksukumi, Millsart, and Uros95 where we decided how to decide that. After some debating (among other things), we decided that I would put up a poll with the name of each clan member who was with the guild at the beginning of that month. The idea of the poll is to leave the voting up to the anyone that visits the clan site to eliminate the bias of Clan Officials/Leaders. Along those lines, I also did not include myself in the nominations to eliminate the voice of suck-ups and kiss asses. And yes, I am aware that you can vote for yourself and that you can get your friends to vote for you. But, I highly encourage you to vote for someone you think has truly made great contributions to the clan this month, whether it be donations, recruiting new members, advertizing the clan, etc. If you do think that you made the most contributions out of all the other nominees, then vote for yourself. Since February 1st, 2013 has passed, I will start the poll today.

- Lord Thanatos

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Announcement XLII


   So to eliminate confusion, I have decided to raise the bar for application. The Member's List will no longer be updated, and you must be Level 45 or above to apply. Also, the Member's list will only include the in-game members so it will be easier to update. All members currently on the Members List will be removed and replaced with members of the in-game guild. I am mainly doing this because the Members List has grown too large for me to regularly update, and most of the members on that list are inactive.  If you were previously on the Members List and were removed, just send in a new application. With that in mind, I am also updating the application. Here is the new updated application.

AQW Character Name:
Character Level (Minimum 45):
BattleOn Forum Username/Email:
What You Can Contribute to the Clan's Cause:
What You Hope to Gain from Joining the Clan:
About Yourself (Hobbies, Pet Peeves, etc.):
Noteworthy Details:

Here is an application guide written by Watashig, a member of the Knights of Oblivion. I tweaked it to fit with the context of our clan.
  • Presentation is key. It's useful in more than just an application in this guild; it'll be needed if you try to apply for a job, college, etc. What do I mean by presentation? Take your time to format your post. Make sure it's grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. We aren't expecting 100% perfection and marking things off for minor errors, but try to make yourself appear eloquent. Even running things through spell check is nice.
  •  Using the correct format with the bold codes and the labels in the application, such as "AQW Character Name" and "Noteworthy Details," helps add to your presentation. Every little bit showing that you care and want to take the time to write your application helps your chances.
  • Don't look like a kiss-ass. You might be able to get away with it subtly, but it might work against you. 
  •  Make yourself unique, standing out from the other applicants. Take your time to think about why we should select you to join, instead of other people. Be careful not to look to arrogant, however.
  • None of these are requirements, but considering this might just improve your chances of joining us. Best of luck to you! 
   Also, we have struck an alliance with the Knights of Oblivion, lead by Hollow Knight, a Forum ArchKnight. They are a major power in the AQW Official Guilds, and it is a fortune that we have them on our side. They have a very elaborate guild system, along with many other helpers/assistants in the guild.

-Lord Thanatos

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Announcement XLI

     Clan Wars. This is becoming a concerning issue that I feel needs addressing. First of all, we have apparently had a few clan wars that I did not know about due to my busy schedule during these past few months and months to come. SO TO MAKE THINGS CLEAR, IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A WAR, REGARDLESS OF WHO STARTED THE DISPUTE, YOU MUST PERSONALLY NOTIFY ME TO REQUEST MY APPROVAL. As common sense would suggest, if I do not approve, there will be no war. Having the war without my approval, whether it was under my nose or you just plainly disobeyed my word, will result in disciplinary actions. By personally notify, I mean to E-Mail me or PM me, not post it on the Clan Page or Forums. Furthermore, if a war is scheduled with my approval, THERE WILL BE NO, INSULTING, FLAMING, OR TROLLING. We are here for a clean fight. We do not need any "hate" crimes. Right now we do not need to establish any bad relations with any other clans, regardless of their alignment. If they are the offender (first to ignite a dispute), PM or E-Mail me and we can figure something out.

-Lord Thanatos

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Announcement XL

     So, I know it's been a while...again, but I have come to wish you all a Merry Frostval and a Happy New Year (Or whatever you might celebrate)! But, I will also need to address some other issues. First off, about membership. We currently have 15 spaces in the In-Game Guild, 1 of which, is occupied by me. With fourteen spaces left, I will only accept the strongest and most dedicated. With that being said, the requirements for joining the in-game guild is a minimum of Level 45 or higher, unless I say otherwise. But even if you meet the level requirement, there is no guarantee you will get in. Here is the application for the in-game guild made by Legion Slicer Silencer, who has decided to rejoin.

AQW Character Name:
Character Level (Minimum 45 for the In-Game Guild):
Why I Should Accept You into the Guild:
What You Can Contribute to the Clan's Cause:

Note: You only need to be Lvl 45+ to join the In-Game Guild, but to join on our website, you can be at a decent Level (30+).

     Note that I left out the Clan Codename. This is because it did not work out as well as I expected, so I will remove it effective immediately. And since we are in-game now, there is really no need for that. But if you currently have one, you can keep it if you so desire. And if you are in the in-game guild, and someone else who fits the requirements applies, you may be removed from the in-game guild if he/she is better than you.

     If you do not fit the requirements to join the in-game guild and are between Level 35-45, you may join if you buy 2 spaces. One for yourself and one extra one for the guild. So basically you can "buy your way in." If you join in that manner, you are pretty much in forever unless you quit, are inactive for over 3 months, committed treason toward the Elites, or I have some other reason to remove you.

- Lord Thanatos