"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
Here is a link to our Back-Up Site. Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, a Clan Official, made it using Webs. And here is our Back-Up, Back-Up Site that I made a while back.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Announcement XLV

   Well, StellaLuna has officially parted with the ShadowScythe Elites and has found her way to EbilCorp. But we have talked, and she has deleted the forum she made, and I recreated it with the same URL, but I am in full control as site owner. This is the link. Although I just made it today, it is turning out quite nicely. I hope that all clan members that can would sign up for it as it is free and open to anyone. I have set up some basic topics and categories to start, and as people begin to use them, they should grow with the clan.

- Lord Thanatos