"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
Here is a link to our Back-Up Site. Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, a Clan Official, made it using Webs. And here is our Back-Up, Back-Up Site that I made a while back.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Announcement XXXV

   WE HAVE BEEN REGISTERED!!!:D :D :D On the first day of Guilds PTR, I got the name!!! So, so far, we have 9/15 slots in the guild left. I will be using a first-come-first-serve policy, so you better hurry and find me! My AQW Name is Jont2 and I'm usually on the PTR Server. Also, some players that  are not in the clan can also join, so expect to see some new faces.Since we have more members than available slots, not everyone will get to be on the official in-game version. And since we will have new members comein in left and right, applications will be a pain so I wont be keeping up with the Members List on this site as much. So unless you want to buy me some ACs for more in-game clan slots, there will not be enough for everyone and only the MOST LOYAL AND DEDICATED will be guaranteed a spot. But if you are ever so desperate to get in and there are no more spaces to spare, you can buy me some ACs to get more clan slots for you. XD And since we've been registered, everyone will receive 2k SC!
  • Recruit a Member
  • Get 5 Members
  • Get 10 Members
  • Get 15 Members
  • Get 20 Members
  • Get 25 Members
  • Get 30 Members 
  • Get 35 Members 
  • Get 40 Members 
  • Get 45 Members
  • Get 100 Members
  • Have a Meeting
  • Become Allies with a Clan
  • Become Allies with 5 Clans
  • Become Allies with 10 Clans 
  • Become Registered In-Game as an Official Clan when Guilds are Released