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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Announcement XXVII

Ok, so it has been a week since PvP Team regestration has closed. But, since the war isn't all planned out yet, I'll reopen it and keep it open until further notice. So far, the PvP Team applications have been from me, ComputerDragon5 (Leader of the Legendary Legion), Six, and Duffy. If you have applied and you do not see your name in the sentence above, LET ME KNOW because I might have lost track of something. Anyway, QUOTED SYPHERIX, LEADER OF DEATHINFUSION CLAN, HERE ARE HIS RESTRICTIONS. And by 1 class per person per team, that means that no two people in one team may use the same class. Clones (Warlord, Warrior, Mage, Sorcerer) count as the same class/


Its an official clan war.
And the classes restricted are classes available through purchase. like mindbreaker,cardclasher etc... etc.. (except verification classes excluding Starlord)
And Itzachi classes. (VoT,Necromancer,Horc Evader,Troll Spellsmith etc etc....)
Darkside is also banned ofc.
Including the restricted classes i sent you. :D

Can you guys make it on sunday? 7-9pm gmt+8? if not... we can do it by at least august 18. same time :D


Hello! Our PvP Team would like to challenge your clan into a 5vs5 clan war.

Here are our rules:

1. No using of 6th Slot items (potions,scrolls etc.. etc...)

2. No multi classing. Only 1 class per person per team. (Including clones like warrior/beast warrior/warlord).

3. No using of these classes:

Vindicator of They

Troll SpellSmith

Blood Ancient

Elemental Dracomancer

Evolved Shaman

Horc Evader Class


Skyguard Grenadier

Doomknight Overlord

Paladin High Lord

Chrono Corrupter

Darkside Class

4. Camping is not allowed. having all players consistently and/or intentionally staying in your own captain room, brawler room and restorer room is not allowed. As much as possible charge all your players in the middle of the warzone

5. If a player is out in the warzone in a middle of a war, the enemy must remove one of their players.

6. No killing of NPCs. (Restorers,Brawlers,Captains etc... etc...)

If you are interested.... leave a message in our forums: http://aqwdeathinfusion.webs.com/apps/forums/

*Back to Lord Thanatos*

Ok, just as a reminder, here is the PvP Team application.

Clan Codename (Just so I can recognize you easily; this is not to change it): 
War Code:
AQ Worlds Character Name (Just so I can recognize you easily; this is not to change it):
AQ Worlds Character Level (You must be Lvl 40 or higher,):
PvP Skills:
Best/Strongest PvP Amulet (You must be able to equip it):
What Do You Have to Offer for the PvP Team?: 

-Lord Thanatos