"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Announcement XXVIII

Ok, so the application thing where I miscounted the applciations is cleared up. Also, we have a new applicatnt, StellaLuna22. So the current people whose PvP Team Applications that I have recieved (I'll confirm that I got it with a reply to your E-Mail/PM) are ComputerDragon5 (LEader of an Allie Clan and friend of mine), Duffy, Azazel, StellaLuna22, and Six. Remember, applications are still open until Sypherix and I have set a time and date for the war, and then I'll close applications at a certain time before the war and let you know if you've qualified for the team.

-Lord Thanatos