"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
Here is a link to our Back-Up Site. Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, a Clan Official, made it using Webs. And here is our Back-Up, Back-Up Site that I made a while back.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Announcement IX

   As you may have known, we are in the process of recruiting and building reputation throughout AQ Worlds. A way that I have found to let others know about the clan is to put a link on your Twitter/Facebook profile and putting a link on your Battleon Forums signature.

   As for the upcoming Dage vs Nulgath war, I highly recommend that you participate in it as there will be epic rewards. I would also suggest saving ACs up as both Dage and Nulgath are masters of creating epic yet outrageously priced/difficult to get items. I will also give SC/Titles to those who participate.

   On top of all that, I am also creating temps. They are basically players who have not quite but almost met the requirements. Being a intern is not required but can increase your chances of becoming a temp. Unlike interns, temps are involved in the ShadowCoin program, but can only have the title "Temp" until they meet all the requirements and become a full member (i.e. Elite Undead, ShadowLord's Right Hand, ShadowLord's Left Hand, Ambassador of the Elites).

For the titles, I am going to make some abbreveations:

ShadowLord: SL
ShadowLord's Right Hand: SLRH
ShadowLord's Left Hand: SLLH
Ambassador of the Elites: AotE
Elite Undead: EU

   I am also updating clan goals as well. Here is the list of the updated goals.

Clan Goals: 
  • Recruit a Member
  • Get 5 Members
  • Get 10 Members
  • Get 15 Members
  • Have a Meeting
  • Become Allies with a Clan
  • Become Allies with 5 Clans