"We are the best of the best. We know no bounds. Our only limits are the mortal bodies to which we are confined. We can conquer all of our enemies with a single swing of our blade. We are the ShadowScythe Elites and our actions will be remembered for eons to come." (Motto idea derived from Altair)
Here is a link to our Back-Up Site. Legion Slicer Silencer/ComputerDragon5, a Clan Official, made it using Webs. And here is our Back-Up, Back-Up Site that I made a while back.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Announcement VII

   The clan leaders at HQ are updating clan goals. Since we have already reached 50 Larvae on the Larvae Hunt, it is officially over, so every member will receive 25 ShadowCoins. We have also gained a member with Nulgath Larvae and achieved 5 members (Including interns), so everybody will receive 15 SC+10 SC= 25 ShadowCoins. Add all the earnings up and you will get 50 ShadowCoins!!! By members I mean any player of any rank in the clan.
  • Get 5 Members
  • Get 10 Members
  • Get a Member with Nulgath Larvae
  • Get a Member with Drudgen the Assistant